In common with numerous organisms of our biosphere, the 15/15\15 magazine has to work in symbiosis with others who provide part of the energy which our activities need: in order to write to the people who collaborate with us, for our physical existence on the Internet, in order to carry out the vital function which we have set out to achieve: to publicise and support the radical civilizing change which we need.

If your organisation would like to collaborate, in exchange you will gain a connection with the suscribers, readers and collaborators who are working in connection with these pages.

These are the various ways in which you can enter into symbiosis with us:

  • See your static or animated image, linked to your webpage, on the right hand side of all pages (non exclusive): 45€ or revos per month.
  • As above, but in one language only: 20€ or revos per month.
  • See your logo on the back cover of the next book compilation + free delivery of 1 copy: 35€ or revos. [You can order this online at the Touda shop.]
  • NEW! A graphic (image) announcement, exclusive, in the monthly electronic bulletin: 90€ or revos.
  • Become a revo-accepting organization.
  • (We will be informing you shortly of new ways of symbiosis.)

If you feel you want to establish a symbiosis with us and which provides us with vital energy, write to our e-mail:

15/15\15 magazine email address



In order to give you an idea of the number of people you could reach thanks to symbiosis with 15/15\15, we publish the figueres related to the number of visits here. You can calculate the potential efficiency of your symbiosis and flow of energy in the form of the visits to your web, which you will receive through supporting us. Next we would like to show you the figures on the number of visits up till now and other related data which we have at hand (and you can also check our map of users to see which parts of the world our magazine reaches):

Crowdfunding start-up patrons (Verkami)
  • 290
Edition of our book compilations
  • Presentation n. 0 issue: 350 books
  • N. -15 (May 2015): 250 books.
  • N. -14 ½ (November 2015): 250 books.
  • N. -14 (May 2016): 120 books.
  • N. -13 ½ (November 2016): 140 books.
  • N. -13 (May 2017): 130 books.
  • N. -12 ½ (December 2017): 140 books.
  • N. -12 (Summer 2018): 130 books.
  • N. -11 ½ (Winter 2018): 130 books.
  • N. -11 (Summer 2019): 130 books.
Total visitors to site

(Source: Google analytics)

After website start:
  • 2015/01/02 to 2016/01/02 (1 year): 21,094
  • 2015/11/27 to 2016/11/27 (1 year): 37,076
  • 2016/12/11 to 2017/12/11 (1 year): 39,752
Before webzine start:
  • 2014/10/15 to 2014/11/14 (1 month): 4,428
  • 2014/11/15 to 2014/12/14 (1 month): 1,534
Total pageviews

(Source: Google analytics)

After website start:
  • 2015/01/02 to 2016/01/02 (1 year): 63,710
  • 2015/11/27 to 2016/11/27 (1 year): 98,066
  • 2016/12/11 to 2017/12/11 (1 year): 103,723
Before webzine start:
  • 2014/10/15 to 2014/11/14 (1 month): 15.750
  • 2014/11/15 to 2014/12/14 (1 month): 4.531
Monthly electronic newsletter (by email)

Personas suscritas: 956

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