We find ourselves in a dead-end street: industrial civilization has already begun to clash with the biosphere’s limits. This brings us towards either a controlled degrowth or collapse as a species. We need a periodical publication like 15/15\15 that narrates and fuels this 3rd Revolution of humanity.

The journal 15/15\15 will seek paths for from the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula navigate through a collapse that is already in its initial stages in order to construct a New Civilization, a new, more modest human culture peacefully kept within the limits of the planet.

Following the success of the Galician book Guía para o descenso enerxético (Guide to the Energy Descent) and the Last Call manifesto, some of those responsible for these projects have embarked on a complementary project with the goal of continuity and maximum social impact. This takes the form of a magazine for degrowthers, transitionists, peak-oilers, and radical ecologists seeking a paradigm shift. An accessible and distinctive publication that helps to extend consciousness regarding this civilization crisis to more and more levels of the societies of Spain and Portugal. In keeping with this profound cultural change, the magazine will be governed by the subscribers themselves, in a pioneering example of the new democratic media we need.

While Industrial Civilization crumbles without its energy support system, we will help to sow and flower the human race’s 3rd Revolution. Together, we will create a new civilization capable of enduring, thereby avoiding our extinction in such a demented flight into nothingness. Will you join in sowing the Revolution?

Award by United Nations’ University

RCE Recognition Award for 15/15\15 Magazine.Our magazine was awarded as Acknowledged Flagship Project by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability by United Nations’ University in 2023.

Grant from Spanish Ministry of Culture

Also in 2023 our magazine received a grant from the Ministry as a cultural magazine with an “outstanding cultural relevance” and which is “expression of society’s thought and sensibility”.

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Wordle: Main subjects of 15/15\15 magazine (in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician and Basque)

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