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— Photo: 2014, Martiño Picallo (Luscofusco)

«A world without growth could be a world where life is more dignified. It just depends on us.»

Manuel Casal Lodeiro


Co-founder of Véspera de Nada. Coordinated the Guía para o descenso enerxético. Author of Nosotros, los detritívoros and La izquierda ante el colapso de la civilización industrial.

— Photo: 2014, M. Picallo (Luscofusco)

— Photo: 2011, Dani Blanco for Argia.

«It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for the energy-rich to voluntarily give up their possessions and consumption.»

Pedro Prieto Pérez

Editorial board

Creator and co-editor of CrisisEnergetica.org desde 2003. Member of the ASPO International panel since 2006. Vice-president of AEREN. Wikipedia

— Photo: 2011, Dani Blanco for Argia.

— Photo: 2012, Pere Tordera for Ara.cat.

«Oil made us into giants; its absence will turn us back into humans.»

Antonio Turiel Martínez

Editorial board

Scientific Post at the CSIC. Source of information on peak oil since 2009. Main author of The Oil Crash. President of the Oil Crash Observatory. Wikipedia

— Photo: 2012, P. Tordera for Ara.cat.

— Photo: EQUO.

«Driven on by the insane dynamic of a society based on growth, we have closed our eyes to the obvious: fossil fuels cannot last forever.»

Margarita Mediavilla

Editorial board

Professor of the School of Engineering and member of the Energy and System Dynamics Investigation Group at the University of Valladolid. Environmental activist.

— Foto: EQUO.

— Photo: 2013, Tingalaranga.

«The power resides in the people, the power to build resilience, both individually and collectively, and from there, to take the helm towards this great transition.»

Begoña de Bernardo Miño

Editorial board

Agricultural engineer. Head of the Pousadoira Resilience Centre. President of Véspera de Nada.

— Photo: 2013, Tingalaranga.

Jordi Solé

«We have to mature as individuals and as a society in order to confront what awaits us in the coming years.»

Jordi Solé Ollé

Editorial board

Researcher at the Physical Oceanography department of the Ocean Sciences Institute (CSIC) and member of the Oil Crash Observatory.

— Photo: 2013, Amagoia Murua for Argia.

«The Civilization which we are leaving behind us was not worth it. The one we are building will be better, if we only make an effort.»

Carlos de Castro Carranza

Editorial board

Professor of Physics, Sustainability and History of Science at Valladolid University. “Cassandra” of civilizatory collapse since the 90s. Author of the Teoría Gaia Orgánica.

— Photo: 2013, A. Murua for Argia.

— Photo: 2012.

«Accepting the end of the oil era implies considering a world without capitalism. Facing the end of capitalism is the first step towards building an alternative.»

Xoán R. Doldán García

Editorial board

Professor of applied economics at USC. Vice-president of the Véspera de Nada Association. Was president of the Ecological Economy Association in Spain.

— Photo: 2012.

— Photo: 2012, TVE.

«A change of direction which could secure the survival of the best parts of our civilization is not only necessary, but urgent, and delaying any further could make the collapse irreversible.»

Daniel Gómez Cañete

Editorial board

Co-editor of CrisisEnergetica.org and President of AEREN.

— Photo: 2012, TVE.

— Foto: 2013.

«The transition towards a new civilization is already underway. It means a unique opportunity to design our future collectively; we will not let it slip through our fingers.»

Juan del Río

Editorial board

Biologist, educator and designer for sustainability. Apprentice and activist. Co-founder of the Spanish Transition Network, co-ordinator of Sustainable Transition and member of Cardedeu in Transition.

— Photo: 2013.

— Photo: Anna Bayó

«The impending abyss forces us to transform our way of thinking, feeling, seeing and being.»

Jordi Pigem

Editorial board

Dr. of Philosophy, was co-ordinator of the Integral magazine and teacher at Schumacher College. Author of, among others, La odisea de Occidente, Buena crisis: hacia un mundo postmaterialista and Àngels i robots. Wikipedia

— Photo: 2007, Anna Bayó

— Photo © 2014, Jose R. Montero.

«We must invent ways to live which will forge the Law of tomorrow..»

Rodrigo Osorio Guerrero

Board of advisors

Clerk of the court and writer. Member of the Zocamiñoca responsible consumption co-operative in A Coruña.

— Photo © 2014, Jose R. Montero.

Raúl Lozano

«We are on the edge of the precipice and it all depends on whether we go on blindly or step back wisely.»

Raúl Lozano Otero

Assitant to the editorial board

Marketing specialist and web developer. Co-founder of the Touda Association and of Direct Digital Democracy.

Other members of the team

Beatriz Chasco


Beatriz Chasco García

Schedule Officer

Journalism student at the Carlos III University. Eco-socially aware apprentice.


«We have to find a new way to be in the world while building ourselves life-boats and facing up to the “Seneca cliff”.»

Moisès Casado Adell

Telegram channel officer and web design assistant

Looking after the people and exploring Capitalocene on board an ambulance.

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