[VIDEO] Statement from Chile against so-called «natural climate solutions»


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(Firstly published at Global Justice Ecology Project. Intro text and post title have been slightly adapted for its publication at 15/15\15 magazine.)

Chile was to be the host of the COP25 Climate Summit. But in the face of a massive popular uprising against the free market neoliberal economic model, and hundreds of cases of human rights abuses, Chile canceled the COP. The COP moved to Spain, yet Chile retained Presidency of the COP.

Chile, meanwhile, remains a striking example of the impacts of natural climate solutions – the carbon market, carbon offsets and large-scale green energy. In Chile, these schemes have led to vast tree plantations, destroyed forests, led to forced displacements, loss of fresh water, toxic incinerators and huge devastating copper and lithium mines.

Through the following statements, Chile offers a warning to the world about the dangers of natural climate solutions promoted at the COP.

Special thanks to the New Visions Foundation and to OLCA (Observatorio Latinoamericana de los Conflictos Ambientales) for making this video possible. Thanks also to Alejandra Parra for all of her support in the project.

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